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Chicken Eggs

We have been known in the market for long for storing Chicken Eggs of the best quality in our stores. The eggs are good and healthy and are stored in massive quantities for our buyers to buy. The rates at which these eggs are sold by us are very reasonable and affordable for all.


Features :

  • The product, which is constantly in high demand.
  • To eat eggs as a separate dish or to use them while cooking – in any
  • case way their freshness is important. It influences taste, appearance and quality of any dough product. In addition, eggs are products with limited shelf life.
  • They are also difficult to transport. We are very diligent about their delivery.
  • First of all our experts set the freshness of the eggs.
  • They consider cleanliness of their surfaces, the absence of smell and integrity of their shells. Eggs are also examined for their chemical composition.
  • The expiration date is also taken into account (it is considered that the final day is the 28th day after they were laid).
  • We carefully check the quality of chicken eggs, take care of their safety and provide the shortest terms of transportation.

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